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Heute treffe ich mich mit Austin, einem guten Freund den ich in der Schule kennengelernt habe. Austin ist ein normaler Teenager, doch er hat meine Aufmerksamkeit erregt. Austin glaubt, die Erde ist flach (oder so ähnlich). Er wirft Fragen auf, die sich mir ohne ihn nicht gestellt hätten und gibt uns einen Einblick in den Kopf eines Andersdenkenden. Ich treffe ihn zum Interview.

How do you think the earth looks?

I know Earth is round, but I have ideas of how it could be flat. So obviously if the earth was flat, the water would go off the edge of it. But since we have gravity and the earth is circular, the water stays on. Ideas of how the Earth will be flat: If you’re up in a plane, there’s twenty four thousand miles around the earth and you’re of about six thousand feet high, I would say. You do see a curve but it’s barely a curve. So the Earth could be circular up top and flat on the bottom or it could just be semi kind of bold or backwards.

If you put a laser across the sea the laser doesn’t bend because obviously, flat ground. But if you were to put a laser around something like a water or an object that has a magnetic field it would curve around it. But why doesn’t it curve over the sea.

How do you explain the atmosphere?

If you wanted to go into actual theory, we have enough CO2 in the air now to where if we plant more trees it’s not going to save us enough oxygen that we can breathe. So in the future if we don’t get rid of the CO2 we might just all suffocate. But let’s go back to the flat earth theory… oxygen, atmosphere and space… that one. 

There are videos of Neil Armstrong saying we have not been on the moon but that could be a hoax or him playing around. But it’s been debunked that we haven’t been on the moon.

There is a reflection in one of the astronauts helmets that has a whole camera set up in the background and there is one point to where the screen glitched out and there was audio files in the background and others studio materials are being used for it. And also if you were actually up on the moon, there’s no wind in space so why would the flag be moving.

How would you explain the cycle of day and night, the stars and the tides?

So we’ve heard in school that we rotate around the sun. But what if the sun actually rotates around us, and our solar system is moving in a weirdly functioned way that we don’t know or anybody knows? Our teachers might say we circulate around planets and the sun, but what if our solar system isn’t actually what we think it is, what if it’s an oval? What if we’re just rocks in space that are just meant to be there and have our own gravitational pull and the sun’s not pulling us into it?

So if the earth is flat (or bent) as you said, how thick is it? And would we be able to make a hole down to the bottom of the earth? What is under the earth?

I just simply don’t know how thick the Earth would be, but if it were to be flat like that (shows hands), it would be miles thick. If you would dig a hole, I don’t think you would necessarily fall, but circular Earth-wise… 

There’s actually proven things in books and scientific channels on TV, if you guys watch TV. People actually say that there’s a whole other planet inside of earth which could be a dream a hallucination. You never know. 

So you’re saying under the earth’s crust there’s another crust under it?

I know there’s other cities underground. If you can put cities underground, you can put anything under the earth secretly and have no one know about it besides the government or someone themselves.

If you explained that the Earth is flat or maybe a little bit curved, how do you explain that you can’t see anymore sea or land behind it if you’re flying in a plane? How do you explain the phenomenon of the horizon.

Our eyes can only see up to six football fields, which is 600 yards (550m) obviously. Basically if you had a little candle wake and you put the candle six hundred yards away you would faintly see a glow but not the candle itself.

So the reason why we can’t fully see straight in front of us and it makes it look like the horizon is because Earth is so big. Now if we were to have eyes like an eagle, they can see way further. They can, if they could actually talk, probably tell us if they can see a curve or not in where everything goes.

You don’t believe we were on the moon. Do you believe that everything that we send to space did not really exist? What’s your exact position.

In order to actually go into space you would have to leave all the layers. I mean you’re technically still in space in our atmospheric layers, but say you went to the actual space itself you’d have to leave all our outer layers and not just that… When you’re on Earth you can see stars at night, but once you get closer to space it’s black. So why can’t you see stars when you get closer to space. And why can you see stars when you’re further away from them.

Are there other earths or planets out there, and if yes, are they flat too?

There is actually a so called planet. I would say it’s a rock. They found it’s flat, it has water on it and it has things that we can provide for maybe up to a household of people. It’s abundant.

So say if you were to collect materials and start building on that little flat rock, you can probably make a flat place to live. I wouldn’t call it an earth.  

There are other planets like Earth that are round and more big. There’s actually a twin earth that we found, I think, two years ago. 

We can live on Mars and all that for sure. 

So of course the overwhelming majority of people and scientists and everybody believes that the Earth is a ball. What specifically gave you the impulse to think it might be different?

I don’t know if you guys watch youtube or not, Shane Dawson flat earth theory, if you guys look that up he has better explanations and he can explain it better than I can. 

Well I actually had a dream one night of me going up higher than we should be. Off the ground. And I’ve kind of seen the Earth as flat, a little bit like if you were to look at flags in the White House. If you guys ever do go to the White House, there’s blue flags and they have reefs around the earth. Those reefs are basically Antarctica with big walls blocking off the edges of Earth. I’m not saying I am a flat-earther, I’m not saying I believe it’s a flat earth. I’m just getting ideas. 

So the original impulse was from the Internet or for you from your dream?  

Probably from my dream just because people say dreams are actually things that… (interrupts) 

We have two lives. There’s our real life and there’s a dream life. So have you ever had a dream and you got hit in the nose or something you wake up and your nose is bleeding or you wake up and have bruises on you? From your dream? 

Jonas: Not really. Never.

Austin: Well most people do and it’s cause our dreams… have you seen movies where people hook themselves up to machines and have dreams that actually are real?

It’s kind of like our life. Why do they give us phones? Why did they give us TVs? Why do we eat fast food, when we have agriculture that we can make ourselves? We have farms that we can plant a lot of food from. McDonald’s right across the street gives us hamburgers cheeseburgers, potato fries when we can plant all those nickels ourselves. 

So why do we have fast food? Are they genetically planting things in our body to make us not think like an actual human? Or like drugs: Why did they make them illegal but they can sell them over the counter, legally. It’s because when someone does drugs that are messed with that can actually make us hallucinate, we see the actual world itself. And having over-the-counter drugs that just relax us and not think of anything about the world. The reason they are illegal is because, yes they can make you go crazy from seeing stuff, but it’s real things that people are hiding from us. Like weed or pot for example.

They relax you make you think more about things that you haven’t thought of. And the government doesn’t want us thinking of things like that because if we find out what the government knows, we’re going to revolt and turn on them and it’s just gonna be a world war. And like they give us phones. My theory is for phones is, the reason they give us phones is so we look at them and don’t pay attention to the sky where people actually think aliens exist. I mean I believe in aliens.

I’ve seen some weird things in the sky before. I think they gave us phones to keep our eyes by the ground and not what’s up in the sky, to see what they’re doing. People always say God’s watching us, it’s God’s eye. What if it’s not God’s eye? What if it’s actually the government watching us seeing what we’re doing, experimenting what humans would do with fast food restaurants, factories that are letting out pollution. 

Why is there so much garbage in the sea when theres a current. The current should take the garbage and transport it everywhere else. Why is it staying in one spot? What’s holding it there? 

If you tell people about your ideas or what the earth might actually look like, how do usual everyday people react when it comes to that topic?

Well let’s start up with my family. My family thought I was crazy at first. So my grandpa is in the Navy. He knows more about that. He actually transferred from Navy to Air Force and he flew up to the stratosphere or mesosphere himself. He said the next layer of the atmosphere he couldn’t go out of it. 

When it spots something out it’s like a sonar, like a submarine in the water. It’s a sonar so it tells you when something’s in front of you. And every time they would get by the layer of an atmosphere it would say they can’t get passed that, it’s like a dead zone kind of. Like a game I guess. A layer that you can’t step out or it’ll be hit by.

And that’s the reason I say we live in a dome. But I think we can go out of that dome. That’s a theory that he gave me. 

My uncle Justin, he thought I was crazy at first. And then he actually made me look up stuff. He studied on it and we actually talke about things like that now. 

But people outside of my family kind of think I’m crazy a little bit until they actually listen to what I have to say. I’m not trying to persuade them that the earth just flat, I’m just giving ideas for how the earth could be flat. 

Jonas widmet sich in seiner Serie „atlas“ den Themen dieser Welt, an sie sich sonst nur Voxs YouTube Videos heranwagen. Von Flüchtlingslagern bis zu Verschwörungstheorien ist in „atlas“ Platz für alles, das uns interessiert.

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